Yeshua Institute of Technology

Yeshua Institute of Technology is a Ghanaian private higher institution of learning established to transform society and bring glory of God. In 2011, Dr. Charles Aye-Addo, founder, gave birth to the idea of Yeshua Institute of Technology. He then brought in Dr. Charles Owiredu co-founder. The Institute is committed to innovative programmes that will always be responsive to the rapid changes in our world.
Philosophy of the Institute
Extablised in 2011, the Institute is committed to high quality programmes and is responsive to a rapidly changing global environment. Recognizing its enormous responsibility towards its environment, Yeshua Tech seeks to be a leading private university in innovation. We believe in our AIM which stands for the following: We Ask, We Imagine, We Make it happen.

To be one of the best African universities recognized globally for producing God-fearing trailblazers in the advancement of science and technology.

Developing an exciting academic environment open to diverse intellectual interests of its members and dedicated to the development and sharing of new knowledge leading to members providing workable solutions to problems wherever they find themselves. 

Yeshua Institute of Technology believes that an educated person is open to new ideas and expresses opposing ideas in a civil and respectful manner.
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