Midwifery Training College hohoe

Hohoe Municipality before the establishment of the school had no health training institution and hospital. Upon deliberations the then Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area Togbui Ga Gabusu the (V) in consultation with his elders donated a parcel of land which was used for the establishment of the Municipal Hospital and the Midwifery Training School.


The structure of the Midwifery Training School was built by a contractor known as Oduro, in 1960 but it laid idle until 1971 when a Senior House Keeper Mrs. Elizabeth Larley De-souza of blessed memory was transferred from the Nurses Training College Accra to Hohoe to prepare the place for academic work to begin. The school was designated by the Ministry of Health to train Midwives. 

In February 1972, the 1st Principal Mrs. Regina Asare was transferred from Midwifery Training School Accra, to Hohoe Midwifery Training School. The 1st batch of 15 students was recruited in November 1972 and work began in earnest. The entry requirement was the Middle School Leaving Certificate as it was then called. A second tutor was later transferred to the school, in the person of Ms. Angelina Hayfron and Alice Dzebu. The school is residential.

The course pursued was known as “Straight Midwifery” because the students recruited had no nursing background. The duration of training was two and half (21/2) years of which six (6) months were spent in acquiring of basic general nursing knowledge. The rest of the two (2) years were spent in the acquisition of Midwifery knowledge and practice. At the end of the course the students wrote the Central Midwives Board Examination leading to the award of the Central Midwives Board Certificate (CMB). The school was officially commissioned on 8th February, 1973 by Lieutenant Colonel Habadah.

Some of the tutors who later joined the teaching staff were:- Mrs. Florence Awuah, of blessed memory, Ms. Susana Arthur, Mrs. Angele Ababio, Mrs. Irene Kom, Mr. Mathias Asemsro, Ruby Panoo, Ms. Peace Ananga, Ms. Narki Doku. There are seven tutors of the school:

  1. Ms. Ernestina O. Akowuah
  2. Mrs. Charity V. Mote
  3. Ms. Mabel Nana Stephens
  4. Ms. Agnes Torsoo
  5. Mr. Kekeli Degbovia
  6. Ms. Mawufemor Ashigbey
  7. Ms. Livia like Atiku.

The “Straight Midwifery” course continued until 1978 when it gave way to the training of qualified enrolled and community health nurses as midwives (post basic). The post basic programme was phased out in December, 2007 and replaced with the Diploma in Midwifery in the same year.

In 1995 DANIDA selected the institution as part of the community based institution and refurbished it, we say kudos to DANIDA. This wonderful work was still in progress with the finishing touches when the then 1st Principal of the school retired in July 1997, after heading the school for twenty-five (25) years. The current Principal of the school is Miss Narki Doku who took office in 2008.

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The past Principals of the school were:

Mrs. Regina Asare1972-1998
Mrs. Angela Ababio1998-2002
Ms. Hilda Ampaw2002-2004
Mrs. Augusta Dumelo2004-2008