Ashanti School For The Deaf

The Ashanti School for the Deaf in the Ashanti region is a voluntary non- profit organization. It was establish in Ghana in 1977 in partnership with the Department of Social Welfare to enhance the quality of life for the deaf and socially disadvantaged youth. The organization is managed by seven board of directors and a Centre manager appointed by the Department of Social Welfare.

How Are They Funded

The Ashanti School for the Deaf is located in the fairly remote region of Jamasi-Ashanti, and is situated along side of a solid paved road within walking distance of two towns.

The school has four classrooms that included a dress making class, a batik (dyeing) class, a bead making class and a leather and shoe class. The placement has a boarding facility that also helps the student who do not have a place to stay. It has four rooms for the students and the head of the school – the principal who also lives there with his wife and children. There is also an office where administration takes place, as well as a conference room for meetings.

The placement is a big compound that also has a church where activities take place on sunday as well as evening church services. All the school buildings have been painted brown and there is a mango tree which people can sit under it for shade.

The placement is also trying to establish a career resource center, including a library, stocked with the necessary reading material and some computers for internet connectivity. The school also wants to construct teacher and staff quarters on the compound by the year 2015.

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Volunteer Job Description

The Ashanti School for the Deaf has five departments: a kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, an assessment centre and a vocational training centre.

A volunteer as a education assistant for the hearing impaired at this placement would be required to help in many avenues of endeavour be it: fundraising, teaching English or French, teaching and/or assisting in the production of products to sell, (aimed at educational knowledge towards future employment for the students), conducing seminars on health and hygiene issues etc.

The school is also looking forward to expanding the school curriculum to include a computer science course in the near future.

Volunteers would have the opportunity to organize and implement after school activities with the children such as soccer practice, basketball, badminton and many other sports. There is no limit to the contributions a volunteer could make. It would all depend on you and the effort and commitment you would be willing to exert.

A volunteer as a education assistant for the hearing impaired does not need to have special training in any educational field, however those with a certificate in the health or a skill related field would be most welcome. A volunteer must have good communication skills, the ability to adapted quickly to a new environment and a true desire to help deaf people.

Ashanti School For The Deaf

Address :Jamasi

Contact: 032 2022942

Type of Business: Education, Employment & Resear / Social Services / Special Needs Schools