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About Mampong college

All institutions have esteemed goals and objectives that they intend to fulfill. The Mampong Technical College of Education is not any different. In this case, the college has a mission and vision which it looks forward to accomplishing.

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The mission and vision of the Mampong Technical College of Education are;


To become an outstanding 21st-century Technical College of Education comparable to any top niche tertiary institution in the world within the next ten years.


To engage contemporary research outcomes, technologies and relevant cultures in delivering quality technical teacher education.

First, being conversant with the history of Mampong Technical College of Education is a priority.

Therefore, here is a brief history of Mampong Technical College of education.

Mampong Technical College dates back to the year 1922. It first started as a Trades Training Centre. By then it was under the British Government, during the colonial period. Later in 1937, Trades Training Centre was turned into an army recruitment center. The recruits were to represent the British in the Second World War. Because its purpose had changed from being a training center to an army recruitment center, its name changed to Borstal institution. Apart from being a recruitment center, Borstal Institution also served as a correction home for boys. After the Second World War had come to an end, Borstal Institution changed to Government Trade School. It maintained this title from 1945 to 1960. After 1960, it changed its name to Junior Technical Institute. Until 1967, the institution retained Junior Technical as its title. During this time, it was under the leadership of Mr. J. Merry who served as its first principal ever since its establishment as Trades Training Centre. The institution changed to a Handicraft Technical Teachers Training Institute.

Then in 1969, Handicraft Technical teachers Training Institute was changed to Technical Teachers Institute. After nine years of operation as Technical Teachers Training Institute, the institute decided to change to a new name. This change marked the birth of Mampong Technical Teachers College in 1978. Since 1978, Mampong Technical Teachers College had diligently served the people of Ghana until October 2007 when the government of Ghana decided to upgrade it to a tertiary educational institution. Being an essential occasion since the beginning of Mampong Technical Teachers Training College, it had to be symbolic. Because of that, it changed to Mampong Technical College of Education, and Mampong Technical College of Education came into existence.

For the past decade, it has consistently served the people of Ghana.