COURSES AT Mampong College of Education

The courses offered at Mampong Technical College of Education is our central area of concern, especially for a prospective student. Mampong Technical College of Education is responsible for training individuals who wish to venture into the education sector as teachers. It is one of the 38 colleges of education in Ghana.

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The courses offered at Mampong College of education are in two main categories;

  • Diploma in Basic Education (DBE)
  • Special program.

Each one of these two categories has options that a student can specialize in. The Diploma in Basic Education, for instance, has six options. Whereas the special applicants’ have two options.

The courses offered under the Diploma in Basic Education include;

  • The General option
  • Science option
  • Mathematics option
  • Early Childhood education option
  • French option
  • Technical option.

On the other hand, the options offered to the special applicants’ category are:

  • Visually impaired
  • Hearing impaired option.