Berekum College of Education

Berekum College of Education was established in February 1953. Nana Yiadom Owusu II, who facilitated the foundation of Berekum College, was the then Omanhene of the Berekum traditional government. He provided a 42-hectare piece of land where the college is currently situated. Berekum College started by offering 2-year certificate B program until in 1961 when it upgraded to offer a 4-year certificate A program. Berekum College of Education was officially accredited to offer a diploma program in 2007. The institution is celebrated to have released more than 80,000 teachers who have successfully ventured into various fields including civil service, politics, and law among other prominent careers. It has also undergone several changes and introduced new programs to become more competitive.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AT Berekum College of Education

CUT OFF POINTS AT Berekum College of Education 2019/2020

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Berekum College of Education courses

Courses offered at Berekum College of Education are career and knowledge oriented. This is probably the key reason behind the prominence and competitiveness of Berekum College in Ghana. Currently, the college offers diploma courses and four-year degree courses on education. Under the degree program, the students are required to stay on campus for three-years for academic and professional skills. The last one year is an off-campus program, which is meant to expose the student to the working environment (teaching practice). This program is commonly known as the in-in-out. The courses offered in both categories are as follows:

Bachelor of Education programs

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary education)
  • Bachelor of Education (History and Geography)
  • Bachelor of Education (ICT and Mathematics)
  • Bachelor of Education (English and Ghanaian language)
  • Bachelor of Education (RME and Music)

Diploma courses

  • Diploma in primary education: It is offered for 3 years on a regular basis
  • Diploma in primary education: Offered for 2 years on a regular basis
  • Untrained teacher diploma in primary education. Offered for 4 years
  • APCE admission system