Sekondi Nurses’ Training College

The Sekondi Nurses Training College is public tertiary health institution in the Sekondi in the Western Region of Ghana. The college is in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly. The school is located at the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital. The activities of the institution is supervised by the Ministry of Education. The University of Ghana awards a Diploma in Nursing after students from the institution have successfully completed a three year nursing training programme. The institution is accredited by the National Accreditation Board. The Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the regulates the activities, curriculum and examination of the. The Council’s mandate Is enshrined under section 4(1) of N.R.C.D
Sekondi Nurses & Midwifery Training College Admissions
Sekondi Nurses & Midwifery Training College Admission forms are sold between February to March every year. After buying the forms , filling it and submitting the forms, one must wait patiently to be called for interview. If one successfully passes the interview, full admission will be granted.

Courses offered(14 courses)

Course Name
Diploma in Nursing(Nursing)
Diploma in Mental Nursing(Mental Nursing)
Diploma in Midwifery(Midwifery)
Diploma in Community Health(Community Health)
Diploma in Health Information(Health Information)
Diploma in Medical Laboratory(Medical Laboratory)
Diploma in Environmental Health (Environmental Health )
Diploma in Oral Health(Oral Health)
Diploma in Community Medicine(Community Medicine)
Certificate in Community Health,(Community Health)
Certificate in Environmental Health (Environmental Health )
Certificate in Clinical Health(Clinical Health)
Certificate in Physiotherapy(Physiotherapy)
Certificate in Medical Laboratory (Medical Laboratory )

ENTRY REQUIREMENT FOR Sekondi Nurses & Midwifery Training College

8 – 35 years 18 – 35 years Overall Aggregate A cutoff aggregate score of Thirty Six (36) or better in six subjects, comprising A cutoff aggregate score of Twenty Four (24) or better in six subjects, comprising 3 Core and 3 Electives.Core Subjects and Minimum Grades Credit (A1-C6) in three core subjects i.e English, Mathematics and Integrated Science. Credits (A-D) in three Core Subjects i.e English, Mathematics and Integrated Science..Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades Credits (A1-C6) in AT LEAST passes (A1-C6) in three Elective subjects. Acceptable subjects are indicated in the table below Credit (A-D) in three Electives Subjects.
Acceptable subjects are indicated in the table below

Mathematics(Electives) Physics Chemistry Biology
General Arts Option
Literature In English French Ghanaian Language 

Sekondi Nurses’ Training College, Ahanta West Details

College Name: Sekondi Nurses’ Training College

Address: Ahanta West

Location: Ahanta West

Country: Ghana

Telephone Number: 031-32784

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