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The name “Pneuma Exousia” are Greek and Hebrew words which means the Holy Spirit Power. The College is aimed at converting the world’s vast mind Resources into a tangible asset that will equip impeccable communication and development of skills via the provision of quality and affordable training. When admitted as a student of the school, count yourself blessed because many people might be academically qualified than you but do not have this opportunity. One should know that education is the bedrock of success in life. Every area of education is very important and every stage at which you see yourself to be educated should be seen as God’s grace and must be taken seriously. We will expect every student to live a good moral life and be God fearing at all times. Even if you do not know much about God, you may have the opportunity through our newly designed program MIND RESOURCE (M.R)
and also during our worship sessions. It is going to be a wonderful moment staying at PEC. We want to assure you that all efforts would be made to ensure a peaceful environment for your academic work. You will surely achieve the purpose for which you came to the school.
Long live Pneuma Exousia College, Long live Ghana.
Once again, we warmly welcome you to our wonderful institution. Stay blessed.

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A positive approach to lifelong training and learning and an understanding that all participants have the capacity to gain knowledge and skills and to enjoy learning


A commitment to excellence in academic and social achievement by both staff and participants


High expectations for staff and participant conduct, including honesty and trustworthiness in all activities


Inclusive practices to meet the diverse needs of participants and to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.
A workplace and learning environment that is safe and free of discrimination, abuse or exploitation

Behaviour, language and actions that demonstrate a high regard for self and others


The College, having satisfied its operational conditions, has been duly registered by the Registrar General’s Department and accredited by the National Vocational and Training Institute (NVTI) and the Ghana Red Cross Society. However, PEC is also registered with the Ashaiman Municipal Asembly (ASHMA) and is affiliated to both local and international Universities and agencies for awarding Diploma in various courses.


The College has able administrators, hard-working staff, both teaching and non-teaching, an up-to date library, a computer laboratory and adequate equipment. Available facilities at the College enhance teaching and learning, as students also enjoy opportunities that promote successful training career.

Our staffs are highly skilled and educated. They are very well aware of higher-standard of education and dedicated to their work. They are all university degree holders with good human relations who follow all the rules and the policies of the College. They are seasoned Midwives, senior Nurses, SRN Nurses, Pharmacist, MAs and Doctors working at various government hospitals with great experience.

Our admin staff has the ability to nurture and empathize with students from all backgrounds. They have desire and understanding to work with ethnically diverse populations in an urban environment. They have ability to share and promote new ideas. Our staff are capable of outstanding classroom management skills and abilities to lead others and maintain a positive learning environment as well as commitment to consistency and fairness in dealing with individual students.

Our teachers encourage and motivate their students and ensure that they remain well informed about their academic performance. Our tutors have the listening skills which includes the genuine respect and empathy, without interrupting and without assuming to know what the student thinks and feels.

Pneuma Exousia College is fully accredited by NVTI for certificate 1&2 and affiliated to both local and international Universities and agencies for awarding Diploma , in various courses.


(A) Aggregate : Applicants with SSSCE certificate must have aggregate score of twenty-four (24) or better in six subjects, comprising: (3 core and 3 electives)
(B) Applicants with WASSCE certificate must have aggregate score of Thirty-six (36) or better in six subjects, comprising: (3 core and 3 electives)

Core Subjects and Minimum Grade:
(A1 – D7 in WASSCE) OR (A-D in SSSCE) in all three Core Subject i.e. English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.

Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades:
AT LEAST Credit i.e. (A-E in SSSCE) or Credit Passes (A1-E8 ) in WASSCE) in 3 elective subjects in any of the following:

Home Economics

Management in Living
Food and Nutrition
General Knowledge in Art

General Agric Option

General Agriculture
Mathematics (Elective)

General Arts

Literature in English
Ghanaian Language
Christian Religious Studies OR Islamic Religious Studies
Mathematics (Elective)
General Knowledge in Art

General Science



1. The lumping together of SSSCE and WASSCE results will no longer be accepted.

Candidates with SSSCE and WASSCE results will be treated separately for admission purposes.

2. A pass (i.e. D7 and E8) is NOT accepted anymore for Admission into Diploma Programs
Application forms for admission may be purchased at the ACCOUNT OFFICE, (Ashaiman,DB PLaza on top of GN Bank ) , for a non-refundable fee of GH¢60.00. Alternatively, the Application forms can be downloaded here (click here for Health Care Training) and ( (click here for other programmes) pay a processing fee of GH¢50 on submission. Completed application forms with certified copies of relevant supporting documents should be sent to:

The Registrar

Pneuma Exousia College


Ashaiman, Ghana

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