Pentecost University College

Pentecost University College


The vision of the Pentecost University College is to empower students to serve their own generation and posterity with integrity and the fear of God.


The University’s mission is to be on the cutting-edge of the dissemination of knowledge, quality education, research and training for the purpose of producing an excellent human resource base to meet the demands of Africa’s development.

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The core values of Pentecost University College are:

  1. Godliness – we uphold to develop into our staff and students, faith in God through Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and the Bible as the basis of all rules and conduct.
  2. Honesty – we uphold to remain transparent, open and accountable to ourselves, and to demonstrate integrity of heart and credibility in all actions.
  3. Diligence – we uphold to demonstrate utmost commitment and dedication in all we do, with all our strength, knowledge and expertise.
  4. Curiosity – we uphold to positively impact our generation and posterity by promoting ingenuity and discovery-oriented research.
  5. Innovation and creativity – we uphold to demonstrate a strong resolve to positively challenge the status quo.
  6. Diversity – we promote friendliness, respect for diversity, and equality for all.


Postal AddressP. O. Box KN 1739
Kaneshie, Accra