Knutsford (University)College

Knutsford University College is a private institution accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports in the Republic of Ghana. The University  College is situated at East Legon in the central part of Accra, the capital of Ghana and it is only 10 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport . APPLY


Knutsford University is exceptional and its mandate is to create, to nurture and to develop permanent foundations for inspiring leadership and scholarship among our students and graduates for their own personal, intellectual and professional development and as a consequence, for national and international development.

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The university recognises the fact that whilst each person must contribute his or her portion for self, communal, national and global development, leadership is key to a paradigm shift and for fundamental change in every community. With leadership as a vehicle, bad leaders make for bad journeys and for bad destinations. Just as the people perish with ignorance so too do they perish with shortsighted or weak leadership.

Naturally then, not every one is a leader and not every programme leads to a successful leadership. Leadership can and must be nurtured from among those with demonstrated potential for same. To ensure creative, active, wise, disciplined and inspiring leadership amongst our students therefore, at Knutsford the subject of great leadership is central to our programmes and is consciously developed as a specific, comprehensive and detailed programme of character building and heroic thinking.


To become one of the world’s best universities in Africa, where students are well groomed, transformed and inspired to lead and serve distinctively in any part of the world with creative excellence, entrepreneurial mind and godly character.


To educate, inspire and produce first-class human and material resources relevant for personal, national and global well-being and development through quality teaching, experiential learning, and ethical  research.


Knutsford is governed by a Council of Governors under the chancellorship of Dr. D.A Boateng , and J.K Essel and the chairmanship of the Prof. Paul Noble Buatsi. The current Management Team is led by Prof. Anthony K. Ahiawodzi. The Council is made up of representatives of major stakeholders of the University College community including staff/faculty, students and affiliated institutions. Academic governance is provided by the Academic Board and chaired by the President. Other Boards and Committees exist to complement the work of the Council and the Academic Board.

Admission & Current Schools and Departments 

The University runs full programmes throughout the year. Enrollments into the programmes are done in Fall (September) Winder (January), and Summer (May) with flexible study options i.e. day, evening, weekend and online classes.

The University College admits all qualified students who possess distinctive academic promise, high sense of professionalism and ethical values without reference to race, ethnicity, religion, politics, and nationality or country of citizenship into its programmes.

Knutsford is developing four Schools, eight Departments and two Centres. The Schools are the Knutsford Business School (KBS), the Knutsford School of Humanities and Education (KSHE), the Knutsford School of Science and Technology (KSST) and the Knutsford School of Graduate Studies and Research (KSGSR).

The Departments are the Department of Accounting and Finance, the Department of HR and Managerial Sciences, the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Others are the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, the Department of Nursing, the Department of Economics, Philosophy and Politics, the Department of Psychology and Sociology, and the Department of Communication and Media Studies.

Our Commitment  

  • Scholarship:  We believe in educating our students to be more than mere technocrats. The dignity and capacities of the human being are so vast and so great that to reduce the human being to a mere functionary in a labour force or a fraction of a  market is to waste potential and to contribute towards the downfall of man. Therefore, at Knutsford, our programmes are well-rounded and do ensure that no student graduates with a narrow focus on his or her field of specialisation. With every specialisation, we ensure broad-mindedness that mirrors the variety and diversity of subjects and of life itself.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is an attitude and a way of doing things. These two towers of attitude and habit arise from knowledge and from practice. We know that professionalism is not an accident but requires a particular content and sustained orientation. It is not just any attitude but a specific type of orientation that sets the professional apart from others. Accordingly, our programmes include the key elements of discipline, competence, ethics, respect for one’s chosen profession and love for one’s work and more. The effect of these is that right from the beginning, Knutsford graduates acquire the right professional attitudes that make them skilful, pragmatic, creative, entrepreneurial and set to excel in their chosen fields of endeavor.
  • Integrity: At Knutsford we are keenly aware of the fact that even the most complicated systems can be broken by a human being bent on doing so. It is easier to get proper things done when people are motivated by personal and professional integrity to act than movement under the threat of a whip. For, when the whip stops, the good work stops too. For this reason, at Knutsford we do our best to inculcate good personal and professional values in our students and graduates so that they are self-regulated and motivated within themselves to be ethical, professional, responsible, reliable and trustworthy persons.