COURSES AT Academy of Intelligence, Security and Investigations

The Academy’s courses cover a wide range of issues, each of which is built to meet the client’s specific needs, combining a variety of individual modules. The complexity and length of the courses depend on the client’s needs, the modules that are selected and the level of the course, whether it is basic or advanced.   On-site courses are brought to your location.

The Intelligence & Security Academy : The Intelligence & Security AcademyEducation, Training, and Consulting in National Security

Our current course offerings include:

  • Analyst Training: Writing, Analysis, and Preparing Briefings
  • Analytic Management Training
  • Congress and National Security
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cyber Security: Risk & Mitigation
  • Cyberforce Superiority®
  • GEOINT 101
  • Health Security Analysis
  • History of U.S. Intelligence
  • Homeland Security Intelligence
  • Intelligence and The Law
  • Intelligence Collection
  • Intelligence Community: An Introduction
  • Intelligence Community: Advanced Seminar
  • Intelligence Community 101 (IC-101)
  • Intelligence Process
  • Intelligence Resource Management (Intelligence Budget)
  • Intelligence Support to Policy Makers
  • National Security Policy Process
  • National Security Policy Seminar
  • Risk Awareness Intelligence® RAI®
  • Using the Internet as an Investigative Tool
  • Regional Seminars