These are list of Secondary schools in the Volta Region of Ghana. It is grouped into District phases:

Akatsi District

  • Akatsi Secondary/Technical, Akatsi
  • Ave-Dakpa Secondary, Ave-Dakpa
  • Wovenu Senior Secondary, Tadzewu

Jasikan District (Buem District)

  • Baglo Secondary/Technical, Baglo
  • Bueman Secondary, Jasikan
  • Nkonya Secondary, Nkonya
  • Nattan Secondary, Nkonya
  • Okadjakrom Secondary/Technical, Okadjakrom
  • Worawora Secondary, Worawora

Ho Municipal District

  • Abutia Secondary, Abutia-Teti
  • Adaklu Comm. Secondary, Adaklu
  • Agotime Secondary, Kpetoe
  • Akome Secondary/Technical, Akome
  • Avatime Secondary, Vane
  • Awudome Secondary, Tsito
  • Dzolo Secondary, Dzolo
  • E.P.Church Mawuko Girls Secondary, Ho
  • Kpedze Secondary, Kpedze
  • Mawuli Secondary, Ho
  • Baglo Secondary/Technical, Baglo
  • Nkwanta Secondary, Nkwanta
  • OLA Girls Secondary, Ho
  • Saint Prosper’s College, Ho
  • Sedzordzi Shaker Anthony’s school Complex
  • Sokode Secondary/Technical, Sokode
  • Tanyigbe Secondary, Tanyigbe
  • Taviefe Comm. Secondary, Taviefe
  • Tsito Secondary/Technical, Tsito

Hohoe District

  • Afadjato Secondary/Technical, Gbledi-Agbogame
  • Agate Comm./Secondary, Agate
  • Akpafu Secondary/Technical, Akpafu
  • Alavanyo Secondary/Technical, Alavanyo
  • E. P. Secondary, Hohoe
  • Jim Bourton Memorial Agriculture Secondary, Logba Adzekoe
  • Leklebi Secondary, Leklebi
  • Likpe Secondary, Likpe-Mate
  • St. Mary’s Seminary Secondary, Lolobi
  • Ve Comm. Secondary, Ve-Koloenu

Kadjebi District

  • Dodi-Papase Comm. Secondary, Dodi Papase
  • Kadjebi-Asato Secondary, Kadjeto-Asato

Keta District

  • Abor Secondary, Abor
  • Anyako Secondary School, Anyako
  • Anlo Secondary, Anloga
  • Anlo Afiadenyigba Secondary, Anlo Afiadenyigba
  • Anlo Awomefia Senior Secondary, Anyako
  • Atiavi Secondary/Technical, Atiavi
  • Keta Business Secondary, Keta
  • Keta Secondary, Keta
  • Zion college (zico), Anloga

Krachi District / Krachi East District

  • Asukawkaw Secondary, Asukawkaw
  • Kete-Krachi Secondary/Technology, Kete-Krachi
  • Kpassa Secondary, Kpassa
  • Krachi Secondary, Kete-Krachi
  • Oti Secondary/Technical School, Dambai
  • Nkwanta Secondary, Nkwanta
  • Ntruboman Secondary, Brewaniase

Ketu District

  • St. Paul’s Secondary, Hatsukope/Denu
  • Some Secondary, Agbozume
  • Dzodze Penyi Secondary, Dzodze
  • Klikor Secondary/Technical, Klikor
  • Three Town Secondary, Denu

Kpando District

  • Anfoega Secondary, Anfoega
  • Bishop Herman Secondary, Kpandu
  • Kpandu Secondary, Kpandu
  • Kpeve Secondary/Technical, Kpeve
  • Peki Secondary , Peki
  • Peki Secondary/Technical, Peki
  • Vakpo Secondary, Vakpo
  • Vakpo Secondary/Technical, Vakpo
  • Have Secondary/Technical, Have

North Tongu District

  • Adidome Secondary, Adidome
  • Aveyime Battor Secondary/Technical, Aveyime-Battor
  • Dufor Comm. Agricultural Secondary, Podoe
  • St. Kizito Secondary/Technical, Mepe
  • Mafi-Kumasi Comm./Secondary, Mafi-Kumasi

South Tongu District

  • Dabala Sec/Technical, Dabala
  • Sogakope Secondary, Sogakope

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